GeoRipper® GR27 Two-Stroke HD with EZ Kart

£3,480.00 Including VAT (Ex-VAT: £2,900.00)

Maximum digging depth: 700mm,
Weight 23,6 kg,
Two-stroke engine 81 cc, 4.2 kW (5.6 hp)

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Maximum digging depth: 700mm, weight 23.6kg
GeoRipper® GR27 includes the EZ Kart and a Makita® EK8100 – 2-stroke engine 81 cc, 4.2 kW (5.6 hp), GR 27 GeoRipper® digging bar, two self-sharpening digging chains (38mm wide), 18 mm combination spanner, spare nose bearing and fitting screws, replacement drive belt and original user manual. The GeoRipper® GR27 is a commercial portable mini trencher for all trenching applications such as fibre optic, low voltage cables, drainage, irrigation, fencing, root pruning and many more.

What are the benefits of the HD version?

  • Extra 1.2 hp added power
  • Multi-functional switch lever. Choke, half-throttle and stopping can be controlled by a single switch lever.
  • More efficient engine cooling. Obtained by using starter cover with bigger air intake area and new flywheel.
  • Environmentally friendly 2-stroke engine with Scavenging Losses Rejection (SLR) exhaust developed without a catalytic converter.
  • Up to 15% less fuel consumption with SLR technology.
  • Compatible with all trenching bar sizes and wider 50mm chains

HD is for Heavy Duty power head: the Makita EK8100. Always supplied with the EZ Kart, chose the GR27 HD if you need to trench down to 700mm depth or want the flexibility to alternate with shorter trenching bars. The 50mm wide chains now available for this model, please contact us for details.