Customer Videos

Californian retaining wall
Landscaping with GeoRipper alongside a retaining wall

Dig through hard Texas soil with the handy GeoRipper.
Installation work on an irrigation system in Amarillo

Digs in narrow places
Installation of an outside chimney. Good luck to get a shovel in…

Installation of an irrigation system in the Northeast
At one of our customers in the northeast, 10 meters in 6 minutes, complete with backfilling.

Saving time can not be easier.
Put the money in your pocket, not in the ditch …. it’s about time savings.

Drainage application in South Carolina
building a small well to control excess rain from a nearby roof


LTW promotion – exhibition video
GeoRipper GR20 with Husqvarna K770 in action from GeoRipper German distributor LTW GmbH

BBQ digging with the GeoRipper
The possibilities of using the GeoRipper are endless … including digging a BBQ complete with cooling trench for bevvies!

The GeoRipper cuts through the hardest ground
See how the GeoRipper cuts through rocky outcrops and other hard clay and rocks in the Columbia River Gorge.

GeoRipper drainage channel
The GeoRipper is used in a variety of applications. One of the most popular is the digging of irrigation channels.

Root barrier trenches with the GeoRipper
The GeoRipper trencher makes easy work of root barrier installation projects. The self-sharpening digging chain cuts effortlessly through roots with a diameter of up to 70mm.

Increase profitability with the new GeoRipper.
GeoRipper ‘s latest product line will help you to save time and labour costs. This trencher is so powerful that it can considerably reduce your digging time, so you can focus on other jobs.

GeoRipper Minitrencher USA Safety Video
Please watch this short safety video prior to operating your GeoRipper

GeoRipper at Saltex 2018 NEC Birmingham
Presentation of the GeoRipper handheld mini trencher at the Saltex trade show in Birmingham, October 2018